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"Alternative Dispute Resolution" LEG391 Unit
"Corrections" CRM202 Unit
"Crime Science" CRM301 Unit
"Criminological Research Methods" CRM120 Unit
"CRM Internships (WIL)" CRM310 Unit
"Culture, Diversity and Crime" CRM307 Unit
"International and Transnational Crimes" CRM219 Unit
"Law, Justice and Social Policy" LEG100 Unit
"Policing - Issues, Methods and Controversies" MCR608 Unit
"Psychology and Law" CRM389 Unit
"Technology, Crime and Justice" CRM303 Unit
Advanced Criminology CRM306 Unit
Advanced Transnational Crime MCR607 Unit
Applied Problem Solving Methods in Criminology MCR602 Unit
Case Studies in Corporate Crime LLB324 Unit
Case Studies in Corporate Crime CRM330 Unit
Children and Crime CRM302 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice MCR601 Unit
Crime Prevention MCR502 Unit
Crime Through the Ages BRD205 Unit
Criminal Behaviour CRM203 Unit
Criminal Law and Evidence MCR604 Unit
Criminology Placement MCR605 Unit
Criminology Research Thesis MCR600 Unit
Criminology Theory and Methods MCR501 Unit
Cybercrime MCR603 Unit
Cybercrime Investigation CRM305 Unit
Honours Thesis in Criminology CRM549-06 Unit
Honours Thesis in Criminology CRM549 Unit
Honours Thesis in Criminology CRM5491 Unit
Honours Thesis in Criminology CRM549-03 Unit
Introduction to Criminology CRM1001 Unit
Introduction to Criminology CRM100 Unit
Policing and Crime Prevention CRM201 Unit
Special Topics in Criminology CRM300 Unit
Supervised Project Paper MCR606 Unit
Treatment of Criminal Behaviour CRM388 Unit
White Collar Crime CRM230 Unit
White Collar Crime LLB230 Unit

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There are currently no lists linked to this Faculty.