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Name Code Type
Communication Skills for Postgraduate Study TLC501 Unit
FlexiTrack EQU080 Unit
Foundation Unit FDN104 Unit
Introduction to Field Research TLC113 Unit
Knowledge in the Arts: Revealing Global Issues EQU083 Unit
Knowledge in the Sciences: Tackling Global Challenges EQU084 Unit
Knowledge in the Social Sciences: Understanding Social Change EQU082 Unit
Learning for the Future TLC111 Unit
Learning for Tomorrow TLC110 Unit
Learning for Tomorrow (WACE) WTLC110 Unit
Learning Uni Style EQU081 Unit
Maths4Uni STLC002 Unit
OnTrack EQU060 Unit
OnTrack Sprint EQU070 Unit
Real World Learning MSP201 Unit
University Breadth Unit BRD250 Unit
Write4Uni STLC003 Unit

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