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"Australian Administrative Law" LLB358 Unit
"Basic Principles of Taxation Law" LLB316 Unit
"Civil Procedure" LLB450 Unit
"Climate Change, Sustainability and Environmental Law" NLLB356 Unit
"Climate Change, Sustainability and Environmental Law" LLB356 Unit
"Clinical Legal Education" LLB390 Unit
"Commercial Law" LLB332 Unit
"Comparative Law" LLB325 Unit
"Constitutional Law" LLB259 Unit
"Contract Law" LLB260 Unit
"Criminal Law and Procedure" LLB130 Unit
"Employment Relations Law" LLB363 Unit
"Equity" LLB251 Unit
"Ethics and Professional Responsibility" LLB468 Unit
"European Union Law" LLB342 Unit
"Evidence" LLB352 Unit
"Family Law" LLB370 Unit
"Health Law" LLM614 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Law" LLB580 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Law" LLB580-06 Unit
"Human Rights Law Clinic" LLB387 Unit
"Indigenous Peoples, Law and Society" LEG203 Unit
"Indigenous Peoples, Law and Society" LLB203 Unit
"Insurance Law" LLB319 Unit
"International Human Rights Organisations" LLB376 Unit
"International Law" LLM601 Unit
"International Trade Law" LLB311 Unit
"Internships (WIL)" LLB301 Unit
"IP: Regulating Innovation and Creativity" LLB307 Unit
"Law in Context" BJU150 Unit
"Legal Protection of International Human Rights" LLB337 Unit
"Legal Research Methods for Honours" LLB582 Unit
"Legal Writing for Lawyers" LLB120 Unit
"Master of Laws (Research)" LLM700 Unit
"Master of Laws (Research)" LLM700-06 Unit
"Native Title Law" LLB305 Unit
"Policing and Crime Prevention" LLB201 Unit
"Property Law A" LLB253 Unit
"Property Law B" LLB254 Unit
"Psychology and Law" LLB389 Unit
"Refugee Law" LLB327 Unit
"Research Studies - Law" LLM900 Unit
"Social and Welfare Law" LLB323 Unit
"Supervised Legal Research" LLB381 Unit
"Torts" LLB152 Unit
"Trusts" LLB353 Unit
"Visa Compliance, Cancellation and Review" LLB303 Unit
Advanced Criminal Law NLLB340 Unit
Advanced Supervised Legal Research LLB583 Unit
Alternative Dispute Resolution NLLB391 Unit
Alternative Dispute Resolution LLB391 Unit
Australian Costs Law LLB202 Unit
Australian Legal System BJU100 Unit
Corporations Law LLB452 Unit
Dispute Resolution MBL503 Unit
Family Law Clinic LLB386 Unit
Foundations of Business Law BSL1651 Unit
Health Law LLB322 Unit
Indigenous Law Clinic LLB320 Unit
International Human Rights Instruments and Organisations LLB321 Unit
Introduction to Mooting LLB314 Unit
IP: Regulating Innovation and Creativity NLLB307 Unit
Law in the Community (Street Law) LLB393 Unit
Law Moot #1 LLB312 Unit
Law of Planning LLB367 Unit
Law of Planning NLLB367 Unit
Law Reform and Policy Clinic LLB330 Unit
Legal Theory and Research BJU300 Unit
Master of Laws (Research) LLM700-03 Unit
Master of Laws (Research) LLM700-12 Unit
Master of Laws (Research) LLM700-09 Unit
Masters by Coursework Research Project LLM603 Unit
Mediation LLB397 Unit
Mining and Natural Resources Law LLB335 Unit
Murdoch School of Law Pre Law Program LAW010 Unit
Oil and Gas Law LLB392 Unit
Oil and Gas Law NLLB392 Unit
Public International Law LLB365 Unit
Public International Law NLLB365 Unit
Shipping Law LLB339 Unit
Skills for Legal Practice BJU200 Unit
Social and Welfare Law LEG323 Unit
Sports Law NLLB209 Unit
The Law of Costs NLLB210 Unit
Trial Advocacy LLB328 Unit
Work Health and Safety Law LLB372 Unit

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