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"Academic Business Skills for Postgraduates" MBS521 Unit
"Business Negotiations: An International Perspective" BUS341 Unit
"Business Professional Placement" MBS654 Unit
"Business, Society and the Environment" MBS662 Unit
"Capstone Consultancy Project" MBS639 Unit
"Cultural Competency Within and Across Organisations" MBS596 Unit
"Data, Metrics, Reporting and Analytics" MBS603 Unit
"Developing High Performance Work Systems" MBS602 Unit
"Developing Strategic Intelligence" MBS594 Unit
"Effective Leadership" MBS687 Unit
"Employment Relations and Asia Pacific Contexts" MBS624 Unit
"Employment Relations in Asia" BUS351 Unit
"Employment Relations" BUS332 Unit
"Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management" MBS673 Unit
"Global Business" MBS6611 Unit
"Human Resource Management Perspectives" MBS555 Unit
"International Business Negotiations" MBS636 Unit
"Leadership Dynamics: From Follower to Leader" MBS601 Unit
"Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organisations" MBS651 Unit
"Leading from Strategy to Operations" MBS608 Unit
"Leading the Engaged Enterprise" MBS663 Unit
"Manager as a Performance Coach" MBS604 Unit
"Managing a Global Business" MBS613 Unit
"Managing Remuneration, Benefits and Motivation" MBS668 Unit
"Managing Uncertainty Through Scenario Planning" MBS607 Unit
"Managing, Evaluating and Developing Human Resources" MBS535 Unit
"Organisational Behaviour and Management" MBS5082 Unit
"Organisational Behaviour and Management" MBS538 Unit
"Organisational Change, Management and Consultancy" MBS568 Unit
"People and Performance" MBS591 Unit
"Professional Internship in Business" BUS3581 Unit
"Professional Internship in Business" BUS358 Unit
"Project Management" MBS685 Unit
"Research Preparation for Business" MBS520 Unit
"Rethinking Strategic Value of Markets and Consumers" MBS609 Unit
"Risk Management" MBS689 Unit
"Social Enterprise, Social Innovation And Profit For Purpose" MBS589 Unit
"Stakeholder Governance in a Business-Society Ecosystem" MBS637 Unit
"Strategies for Growth and Excellence" MBS664 Unit
"Supply Chain Management and Logistics" MBS658 Unit
Acquisition of Human Resources MBS688 Unit
Business Analytics BUS334 Unit
Business in Society BUS122 Unit
Change Management BUS230 Unit
Chinese Business BUS243 Unit
Comparative Corporate Governance and International Operations BUS284 Unit
Contemporary Industry Trends and Challenges MBS592 Unit
Cross-Cultural Consumer Behaviour MBS575 Unit
Cultures of Innovation BUS368 Unit
Decision Neuroscience Neuromarketing MBS690 Unit
Economic Decision-making BUS107 Unit
Empirical Research Methods for Business BBS300 Unit
Entrepreneurial Strategy BUS221 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MBS6732 Unit
Food Systems and Agriculture Business MBS698 Unit
Foundations of Effective Leadership MBS598 Unit
Global Business in the Asian Century MBS661 Unit
Global Public Health MBS524 Unit
Global Strategic Management BUS338 Unit
Health Policy and Governance MBS527 Unit
Human Resource Economics BUS301 Unit
Influencing on the inside BUS365 Unit
International Business BUS219 Unit
International Human Resources Management BUS213 Unit
International Logistics BUS211 Unit
Knowledge and Organisational Learning BUS378 Unit
Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organisations SMBS651 Unit
Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organisations NMBS651 Unit
Macroeconomics A BUS289 Unit
Making it Real: Operations and Project Management for Scale BUS353 Unit
Management and Governance Research Practicum MBS643 Unit
Management in a Global Environment BUS123 Unit
Management in a Global Environment BUS1231 Unit
Managing Strategic Risk and Projects MBS684 Unit
Microeconomics B BUS318 Unit
Organisation Development and Human Resources Management BUS240 Unit
Organisational Theory and Behaviour BUS223 Unit
Organisational Theory and Behaviour BUS293 Unit
Performance Management Analytics BUS374 Unit
Principles of Management BUS145 Unit
Professional International Business Project BUS345 Unit
Professional International Business Project BUS3451 Unit
Professional International Business Project BUS3452 Unit
Professional Internship in Business BUS3582 Unit
Professional Internship in International Business BUS300 Unit
Professional Practice Preparation MBS532 Unit
Research Studies - Management MBS900 Unit
Resourcing the Entrepreneurial Venture BUS364 Unit
Special Topics in Business BUS2011 Unit
Special Topics in Business MBS699 Unit
Special Topics in Business MBS599 Unit
Special Topics in Business BUS201 Unit
Standing in the Nexus: Bridging People and Networks BUS369 Unit
Strategic Health Leadership and Management MBS529 Unit
Strategic Management BUS317 Unit
Talent Acquisition BUS226 Unit
Talent Management BUS371 Unit
The Compelling Entrepreneur: Stand and Deliver BUS367 Unit
Understanding Business Research: An Introductory Approach BBS200 Unit
Work and Society BUS373 Unit
Work-Based Learning BUS267 Unit

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