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Name Code Type
Accounting FDN016 Unit
Advanced Academic Communication Skills FDN022 Unit
Advanced Academic Writing and Research FDN025 Unit
Building Enterprise Skills MSP200 Unit
Career Learning: Managing Your Career MSP1001 Unit
Career Learning: Managing Your Career MSP100 Unit
Communication Skills for Undergraduate Study TLC101 Unit
Computer Skills FDN011 Unit
Design Thinking for Innovation ICR204 Unit
Disease Detectives HOR102 Unit
Environmental Design and Innovation ICR202 Unit
Essential Mathematics FDN020 Unit
Foundations of Entrepreneurship ICR201 Unit
Freedom in the age of the internet HOR101 Unit
How can Business be a Force for Good HOR103 Unit
Information Technology FDN024 Unit
Intercultural Studies FDN023 Unit
Introduction to Academic Communication FDN021 Unit
Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing FDN010 Unit
Introduction to Systems Analysis FDN017 Unit
Knowledge in the Arts: Revealing Global Issues (OUA) OEQU083 Unit
Knowledge in the Sciences: Tackling Global Challenges (OUA) OEQU084 Unit
Knowledge in the Social Sciences: Understanding Social Change (OUA) OEQU082 Unit
Language Enhancement MFP1001 Unit
Learning Uni Style (OUA) OEQU081 Unit
Management FDN013 Unit
Marketing FDN014 Unit
Mass Communication FDN015 Unit
Mathematics I FDN018 Unit
Mathematics II FDN019 Unit
Media FDN012 Unit
Murdoch Academic Passport MAP100 Unit
Murdoch Roboteers HOR104 Unit
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship ICR203 Unit
The Innovator's Mindset ICR101 Unit

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