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"Finance, Management, Ethics and Law" ENG500 Unit
"Introduction to Criminology and Digital Media: Fake News, Cults, Crimes and Celebrity" UPP007 Unit
"Knowledge in Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts" UPP003 Unit
"Teaching and Assessing Early Oral Language and Reading Development" EDN531 Unit
"Teaching, Planning and Assessing Number and Algebra - Years 1-6" EDN530 Unit
"Teaching, Planning and Assessment of Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability in Years 1-6" EDN532 Unit
"The Tudors: Treachery, Politics and Faith in the Age of the Renaissance" HIS215 Unit
Advanced Agricultural Career Skills ANS305 Unit
Advanced Writing for Research and Profes ART506 Unit
Applied Problem Solving Methods for Crim CRM550 Unit
Archive Z College
Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Securi ICT607 Unit
Australian Foreign and Security Policy POL200 Unit
Biosecurity Plant Pests BIO601 Unit
Bollywood: Imagined Asian Worlds EGL204 Unit
Catholic Education: Significance of the EDN207 Unit
Circular Economy and Innovation ENG570 Unit
College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences A College
College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education S College
Contemporary Issues in Mental Healthcare SHP505 Unit
Corruption and Anti-corruption GOV601 Unit
Crime Scene to Courtroom BIO555 Unit
Design of Water Treatment Unit Operation ENG572 Unit
Divide and Conquer: Navigating Numeracy UPP002 Unit
Drug and Alcohol Studies SHP507 Unit
Dynamic Systems and Control ENG216 Unit
Education Portfolio E College
Electrical and Electronic Circuits ENG214 Unit
Electrical Machines in the Smart Grid er ENG536 Unit
Electrical Power Systems ENG381 Unit
Embedded Systems ENG252 Unit
Energy Storage PEN600 Unit
Engineering Design for Sustainability ENG102 Unit
Engineering Design Project ENG360 Unit
Engineering Sustainability ENG544 Unit
Enriching Learning Through and About Chi EDN119 Unit
Environmental Crisis in Australia and it HIS304 Unit
Environmental Justice PHL211 Unit
Finance for Entrepreneurs MBS547 Unit
FlexiTrack High UPP011 Unit
Forensic Death and Homicide Investigatio BIO666 Unit
Foundations of Entrepreneurship BUS220 Unit
In-Country Studies Indonesia ART3041 Unit
In-Country Studies Indonesia ART304 Unit
Industrial Control Systems ENG552 Unit
Industrial Process Control ENG553 Unit
Industry Engagement and Career Enhanceme GRO605 Unit
Industry Project: Real-world partnership ART300 Unit
International Field Work in Agricultural ANS200 Unit
Introduction to Business and Innovation: UPP009 Unit
Introduction to Education UPP006 Unit
Introduction to Life Sciences UPP008 Unit
Learning for Tomorrow UPP010 Unit
Literacy and Numeracy in Secondary Educa EDN180 Unit
Literature for Children and Young Adults EGL301 Unit
Literature Review ART505 Unit
LMS Test UNI101 Unit
Microcontrollers and Data Communication ENG551 Unit
Microsoft Office Essentials NICT204 Unit
Modelling and Systems Engineering ENG543 Unit
Pedagogy and Practice in Teaching Agricu EDN551 Unit
PLC Systems ENG251 Unit
Political Economy of Development and Pub GOV611 Unit
Power Electronics ENG382 Unit
Preclinical Placements VET300 Unit
Process Control ENG391 Unit
Professional Psychology: Research Projec PSY610 Unit
Psychological Strategies for Mental Heal SHP506 Unit
Public Policy Perspectives GOV613 Unit
Research and Innovation R College
Research Project ART303 Unit
Risk Analysis from Farm to Fork VET657 Unit
SCADA and Instrumentation Systems ENG392 Unit
Scaling Agile Projects BUS363 Unit
Service Learning MSP211 Unit
Smart Low Carbon Cities PEN601 Unit
Soundtrack SOU277 Unit
Special Project ART600 Unit
Stand and Deliver: The Compelling Entrep BUS366 Unit
Strategy for Entrepreneurs MBS600 Unit
Teaching and Assessing for Reading and W EDN533 Unit
Test College T College
The Ethics of Capitalism PHL204 Unit
The Innovator's Mindset BUS109 Unit
The Meaning of Life PHL213 Unit
The Philosophy of Technology: A Brave Ne PHL302 Unit
The Politics of Human Rights POL306 Unit
The Power of Perfect Text: Writing for P ART200 Unit
Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Lear EDN321 Unit
Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Lear EDN515 Unit
Veterinary Structure and Function II VET201 Unit
Visual Evidence and the Art of History HIS306 Unit

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