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Name Code Type
"Adolescent Health and Development" EDN446 Unit
"Adult Learning in Education and Work" EDU645 Unit
"Advanced Educational Research Seminar" EDU701 Unit
"Assessment and Action Research" BED200 Unit
"Australian Indigenous Education" EDU621 Unit
"Children's Literature in the Classroom" EDN308 Unit
"Critical Perspectives in Early Childhood Education" EDN672 Unit
"Critical Policy Analysis and Teachers' Work" EDU658 Unit
"Current Debates in Education" EDN669 Unit
"Diversity and Inclusion" EDN612 Unit
"Early Childhood Learning Environments" EDN432 Unit
"Final Professional Experience 1: Early Childhood Teaching (K - PP)" EDN434 Unit
"Final Professional Experience 1: Primary Teaching" EDN4302 Unit
"Final Professional Experience 1: Secondary Graduate Diploma" EDN511 Unit
"Final Professional Experience 2: Early Childhood Teaching (K - PP)" EDN435 Unit
"Final Professional Experience 2: Primary Teaching" EDN4300 Unit
"Final Professional Experience 2: Secondary Graduate Diploma" EDN510 Unit
"Health and Physical Education and the Curriculum (Primary)" EDN464 Unit
"Inclusive Education" EDN449 Unit
"Inclusive Education: Contemporary Perspectives and Practices" EDN509 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU5951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU695 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU5952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU795 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU6951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU4951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU3951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU3953 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" EDU4952 Unit
"Introduction to Health Education" EDN117 Unit
"Introduction to Research for Educators" EDU610 Unit
"Learning and Teaching in Educational Communities" EDN300 Unit
"Learning and Teaching with ICT" EDU615 Unit
"Mathematics in the Primary Curriculum" EDN564 Unit
"Mentoring" NEDN671 Unit
"Mixed Methods and Quantitative Research" EDN781 Unit
"Nurturing Creativity in the Early Years" EDN168 Unit
"Physical Performance Laboratory" EDN342 Unit
"Practical Methods of Instruction for Secondary School Science and Mathematics" EDN5411 Unit
"Primary Curriculum IV (Humanities and Social Science, Science)" EDU2861 Unit
"Principles and Practices in Early Childhood Education" EDN355 Unit
"Professional Development Portfolio" EDN618 Unit
"Professional Experience in Early Childhood Education: Graduate" EDN500 Unit
"Professional Experience: BEd Secondary Teaching" EDN2101 Unit
"Professional Experience: BEd Secondary" EDN410 Unit
"Professional Experience: BEd Secondary" EDN305 Unit
"Professional Experience: Graduate Diploma Secondary" EDN514 Unit
"Professional Experience: Integrated Curriculum in Practice" EDN310 Unit
"Professional Experience: Mathematics in Practice" EDN3102 Unit
"Professional Experience: Perspectives on Curriculum" EDN465 Unit
"Professional Experience: Primary BEd" EDU3154 Unit
"Professional Experience: Programming Across the Curriculum" EDN4100 Unit
"Professional Experience: Strategies for Effective Teaching" EDN567 Unit
"Professional Internship A: Differentiation within Diverse Contexts" EDN611 Unit
"Research in Education (Research Dissertation)" EDU900 Unit
"Research in Education (Research Dissertation)" EDU700 Unit
"Research Project" EDN617 Unit
"Science in the Primary Curriculum" EDN614 Unit
"Sports Practicum" EDN357 Unit
"Strategies for Effective Learning and Teaching" EDN568 Unit
"Student Engagement and Community Learning" EDU661 Unit
"Teaching Drama in Secondary Schools" EDN552 Unit
"Teaching Drama" EDN371 Unit
"Teaching English" EDN372 Unit
"Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences in Secondary Schools" EDN558 Unit
"Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences" EDN377 Unit
"Teaching Mathematics" EDN373 Unit
"Teaching Physical Education" EDN374 Unit
"Teaching Science in Early Childhood and Primary" EDN442 Unit
"Teaching Science" EDN376 Unit
"Teaching Second/Foreign Languages" EDN375 Unit
"Teaching Secondary Mathematics (7-10)" EDN542 Unit
"Teaching, Learning and Working in Culturally Diverse Environments" EDU616 Unit
"Wellbeing" BRD251 Unit
Advanced Principles and Practices in Early Childhood Education EDN520 Unit
Advanced Qualitative Approaches to Research EDU743 Unit
Babies and Toddlers Growing and Learning EDN537 Unit
Babies and Toddlers: Growing and Learning EDN237 Unit
Children, Families and Communities EDN332 Unit
Country, Cultures, Peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives Across the Curriculum EDN353 Unit
Creating and Managing Effective Learning Environments EDN358 Unit
Curriculum Development For Practitioners EDN588 Unit
Designing Early Childhood Learning Environments EDN538 Unit
Dynamics of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace and the Community EDN546 Unit
Education Project EDU660 Unit
Engaging Communities through Drama EDN304 Unit
English in the Primary Curriculum EDN565 Unit
Facilitating Lifelong Learning EDN540 Unit
Final Professional Experience 1: Secondary Teaching EDN4303 Unit
Final Professional Experience 2: Secondary Teaching EDN4301 Unit
ICT in the Classroom EDN206 Unit
Ideas in Education BED100 Unit
Independent Study Contract EDU7951 Unit
Integrated Curriculum in Primary Schools (HASS/HPE/Arts) EDN613 Unit
Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum EDN354 Unit
Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum for Educators EDN522 Unit
International Education: Issues and Practices EDN519 Unit
Language and Literacies in the Early Years EDN461 Unit
Language for Learning and Teaching EDN111 Unit
Learners and Learning Environments EDN561 Unit
Learning and Assessment Processes EDN545 Unit
Learning and Teaching EDN221 Unit
Learning and Teaching in Diverse Educational Communities EDN517 Unit
Literacy and Learning EDN563 Unit
Living and Learning with Technology EDN113 Unit
Mathematics and Numeracy in the Early Years EDN462 Unit
Mathematics for Teaching EDN110 Unit
Mentoring EDN671 Unit
Numeracy and Learning EDN562 Unit
Opportunities With E-Learning EDN575 Unit
Pedagogies for Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Years EDN566 Unit
Physical Education EDN116 Unit
Practical Methods of Instruction EDN541 Unit
Professional Experience in a Long Day-care Centre EDN239 Unit
Professional Experience Secondary: Strategies for Effective Teaching EDN583 Unit
Professional Experience: English in Practice EDN2104 Unit
Professional Internship B: Research in Practice EDN615 Unit
Research for Teaching EDN616 Unit
Schooling and Society - Research Skills BED300 Unit
Social, Games and Mobile Media COM201 Unit
Sport Education EDN356 Unit
Teaching English and Literacy in Primary Schools EDN235 Unit
Teaching English and Literacy to Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities EDN328 Unit
Teaching English in Secondary Schools EDN553 Unit
Teaching English Years 7-10 EDN591 Unit
Teaching Health EDN378 Unit
Teaching Health and Physical Education in Primary Schools EDN248 Unit
Teaching Health Years 7-10 EDN592 Unit
Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences in Early Childhood and Primary EDN441 Unit
Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools EDN351 Unit
Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools EDN554 Unit
Teaching Physical Education Years 7 -10 EDN596 Unit
Teaching Science in Secondary Schools EDN557 Unit
Teaching Second/Foreign Languages EDN556 Unit
Teaching Secondary Science (7-10) EDN549 Unit
Teaching Senior Secondary Drama EDN471 Unit
Teaching Senior Secondary English EDN472 Unit
Teaching Senior Secondary Health EDN478 Unit
Teaching Senior Secondary Humanities and Social Sciences EDN477 Unit
Teaching Senior Secondary Mathematics EDN473 Unit
Teaching Senior Secondary Physical Education EDN474 Unit
Teaching The Arts in Primary Schools EDN236 Unit
Tertiary and Adult Education Policy EDN544 Unit
Thinking Mathematically EDN114 Unit
Thinking Scientifically EDN115 Unit
Transition to Teaching EDN5501 Unit
Transition to Teaching EDN550 Unit
Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Learning Skills EDN321 Unit
Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Learning Skills and Research EDN515 Unit
Understanding Teachers' Work BED150 Unit
Wellbeing (OUA) OBRD251 Unit

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