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"Applied Health Research Methods: From Research to Practice" SHP632 Unit
"Applied Health Services Project" SHP603-03 Unit
"Applied Health Services Project" SHP603 Unit
"Bioethics and Law for Health Care Leadership" SHP510 Unit
"Case Based Inquiry Acute Care Perspectives 1" NUR232 Unit
"Case Based Inquiry Acute Care Perspectives 2" NUR242 Unit
"Case Based Inquiry Community Perspectives 1" NUR233 Unit
"Chiropractic Skills" CHI354 Unit
"Clinical Governance" SHP641 Unit
"Clinical Management of Breastfeeding and Human Lactation" SMID631 Unit
"Clinical Practice 4" NUR249 Unit
"Clinical Practicum" CHI584-04 Unit
"Clinical Practicum" CHI584-02 Unit
"Complexities of Health and Illness Across the Lifespan 2" NUR241 Unit
"Counselling Placement and Supervision Group 1" CSL679 Unit
"Counselling Research Project" CSL620-06 Unit
"Counselling Research Project" CSL620-03 Unit
"Critical Perspectives on Breastfeeding and Lactation Consultant Practice" SMID632 Unit
"Diagnosis I" CHI335 Unit
"Diagnosis II" CHI336 Unit
"Diagnosis III" CHI337 Unit
"Financial Management in Health Care" SHP639 Unit
"Food, Nutrition and Health" CHI100 Unit
"Health Across the Lifespan 1" NUR112 Unit
"Health Across the Lifespan 2" NUR122 Unit
"Health and Human Behaviour" BNR150 Unit
"Health Policy in an Australian Context" SHP541 Unit
"Health Services Project" SHP640-03 Unit
"Health Services Project" SHP640 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI550-09 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI4509-04 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI4509-03 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI550-03 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI550-06 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI550-12 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI4509-12 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI4509-08 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI4509-06 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Chiropractic" CHI4509-10 Unit
"Honours Thesis in Nursing" NUR569 Unit
"Human Anatomy II" CHI255 Unit
"Human Anatomy III" CHI234 Unit
"Human Factors: The Impact on Patient Safety" SHP602 Unit
"Immunology, Genetics and Microbiology" CHI205 Unit
"Independent Study Contract - Psychology" SHP5951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI7951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CSL695 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CSL6951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI7952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR6951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR6952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR3952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR3951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR2951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR5951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR5952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" NUR2952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" SHP595 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI2951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI2952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI6952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI6951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI195 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI5952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI5951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI3951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI4952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI4951 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI3952 Unit
"Independent Study Contract" CHI1951 Unit
"Indigenous Health and Cultural Diversity" NUR210 Unit
"Internship" SHP648 Unit
"Introduction to Creative Arts Therapies in Counselling" CSL576 Unit
"Introduction to Musculoskeletal Human Anatomy" CHI168 Unit
"Leadership in Health Care" SHP511 Unit
"Managing in a Health Care Environment" SHP612 Unit
"Physical Examination" CHI293 Unit
"Primary Practice V: Physical Rehabilitation II" CHI445 Unit
"Principles of Counselling 2" CSL684 Unit
"Processes in Human Disease" CHI391 Unit
"Professional Nursing Practice 1" NUR114 Unit
"Professional Nursing Practice 2" NUR123 Unit
"Reflective Practice in Health Management" SHP604 Unit
"Research Studies - Chiropractic" CHI900 Unit
"Research Studies - Counselling" CSL900 Unit
"Research Studies - Nursing" NUR900 Unit
"Safety and Quality in Health Care" SSHP501 Unit
"Safety and Quality in Health Care" SHP501 Unit
"Technique I" CHI338 Unit
"Technique II" CHI339 Unit
"The Healthy Human Body 1" NUR111 Unit
"The Healthy Human Body 2" NUR121 Unit
Art Therapy with Children and Adolescents CSL577 Unit
Case Based Inquiry Complex Care Perspectives NUR353 Unit
Case Conceptualisation and Assessment in Counselling CSL566 Unit
Clinical Biomechanics CHI457 Unit
Clinical Practice 5 Research Perspectives BNR359 Unit
Clinical Practice 6 NUR369 Unit
Clinical Practice 7: Transition to Registered Nurse NUR379 Unit
Clinical Practice 8: Transition to Registered Nurse NUR389 Unit
Clinical Radiology CHI420 Unit
Clinical Radiology CHI440 Unit
Complexities of Health and Illness Across the Lifespan 1 NUR231 Unit
Complexities of Health and Illness Across the Lifespan 3 NUR352 Unit
Counselling Adults CSL583 Unit
Counselling Children and Adolescents CSL578 Unit
Counselling Placement and Supervision Group 2 CSL621 Unit
Counselling Research Project CSL677 Unit
Counselling Research Project CSL620 Unit
Differential Diagnosis CHI456 Unit
Evidence Based Nursing Practice BNR200 Unit
Expressive Arts Therapies: Music, Drama and Writing CSL575 Unit
Group Counselling CSL581 Unit
Honours Thesis in Chiropractic CHI560-09 Unit
Honours Thesis in Chiropractic CHI560-06 Unit
Honours Thesis in Chiropractic CHI560-12 Unit
Honours Thesis in Chiropractic CHI560-03 Unit
Honours Thesis in Chiropractic CHI560 Unit
Honours Thesis in Nursing NUR569-09 Unit
Honours Thesis in Nursing NUR569-12 Unit
Honours Thesis in Nursing NUR569-06 Unit
Honours Thesis in Nursing NUR569-03 Unit
Human Anatomy I CHI108 Unit
Human Anatomy II CHI2821 Unit
Introduction to Chiropractic CHI109 Unit
Mental Health Issues In Chiropractic Care CHI488 Unit
Pharmacology and Applied Nutrition CHI459 Unit
Physiological Therapeutics CHI423 Unit
Primary Practice II: Physical Rehabilitation I CHI442 Unit
Primary Practice IV: Differential Diagnosis II CHI444 Unit
Principles of Counselling 1 CSL582 Unit
Professional Nursing Practice in a Complex World NUR361 Unit
Radiography: Principles and Positioning CHI421 Unit
Radiography: Principles and Positioning CHI441 Unit
Transition to Nursing Studies BNR100 Unit
Trauma Counselling CSL674 Unit

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